Monday, August 3, 2009

August 2nd, 2009: 26 Weeks

I guess this is technically the last week of the second trimester. Hard to imagine! Time is going by really quickly and people at work are starting to come up to me and shout that I'm showing. Our accumulation of baby stuff is growing (thanks, Mom!) and reality is setting in.

Reflections on the second trimester: What they say is true - it was definitely the best so far! I had a LOT more energy than the first trimester (although that has been changing in the last couple of weeks). I had some other symptoms start up like problems with my sciatic nerve and more lower back pain, but overall I've been really lucky. I'm starting to notice more problems with circulation (feet swelling at the data collection and numbness on the plane) but I think I still have ankles and I'm getting around pretty well! One of the new developments has been the pregger-squat (having to spread your legs to be able to bend down and pick something up). I'm generally just feeling happy and excited about the baby coming, but I do have periodic moments on panic. Paul has still been great - very involved and getting stuff done to get ready for her. Continue the countdown!

Yes I have been great! And yes there have been periodic moments of panic...
My coworker who just had a baby girl 2 weeks ago and today mentioned that his wife started "nesting" about 2 months before the baby was born. As he described it, "all of the sudden the baby room had to be completed OR ELSE. She must have known that the baby was arriving 3 weeks early."
Um, well, if that's the case with us, Shonna will have the baby sometime in the next couple of days! Just kidding honey :) I'll get the room finished...

Speaking of the room, I wrote a description at the bottom of Shonna's week 25 post, but as I mentioned in a comment, probably too late for anyone to go back and read. The room is full of stripes. Now I just need to fix the stripes. Ok, its not THAT bad. Just a touch-up here and there. Next up: wood floor, bathroom, and closet. Not necessarily in that order, but (glasses up) here's to hoping the wood comes in soon so we can have the furniture delivered.

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  1. still can't believe you'r about t enter your third trimester! eek! heehee (I know i still owe you pics by the way!)

    Seems like Paul has quite the honey-do list to do before the baby comes! I wanna see the stripes!!