Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Playing in the Park

As you can see by the pictures, we had a great week! The weather was the difference maker. We had a fantastic couple of nights during the 3/18 weekend, and the we made the most of it. On Friday, we took a family walk to Clarendon that ended up being an impromptu picnic as we put our blanket down between The Apple Store and Crate and Barrel. We weren't the only ones enjoying the night, but we were the only family eating and drinking... We ended up going to Whole Foods across the street and bough sushi, cheese, fruit, and canned ale. Nothing went to waste! Scarlett ended up playing soccer with a girl who just happened to be walking by. She is like a people magnet. She attracts people (well, at least girls) of all ages. She kicked the ball, the girl kicked the ball. She threw the ball, the girl caught the ball...)
She can attract all of the girls she wants. The boys can stay away until she is 25+ :). The next day I surprised Shonna with a new pet. It was a 4lb lobster from Captain White's in the DC harbor. I tried to give you a visual of how big it was. The body was longer than a carton of eggs, and the claws were close to the width. Scarlett was fascinated and didn't mind sampling either. As you can tell from earlier blogs, we tend to get our seafood from there. Pretty cheap (jumbo shrimp cheaper than costco, lobster $9-11/lb).

As far as Scarlett is concerned, she continues to show signs of being a fashion model. She seems to know when we put her in something a little more trendy. Check out the pictures. If I didn't know better, I'd think she was posing...