Monday, July 27, 2009

July 27th, 2009: 25 weeks

I'm a little late posting this week, but it is because big things have been going on! I was at an assessment center in Baltimore last week, followed by a trip to Savannah for Jacy's ultrasound, a trip to Apex, NC for a baby shower, and I'm now at Ft. Bragg for a data collection (plus I got to see Nicole). We also met up with Danny and Beth (cousins) for dinner, which was great. Beth has 2 girls already and Danny is having his first in September. It's funny to catch up now that we're all parents (or almost, anyway).

The biggest event of all... Jacy is having a BOY!!! I guess he will have lots of options for a prom date! Jacy is the first of our group to have a boy. We spent some of the weekend reading through baby name books and buying him his first outfits. Pee pee teepees here we come!

It was great to see Jacy and her adorable pregger belly. We'll post some pictures soon. It was also nice to waddle around with a fellow pregger all weekend and share symptoms. Plus, we are both peeing really frequently but it feels more normal if someone else is on the same schedule! Jacy gave me an early (non)shower gift... a pregger spa day! It was fabulous. We went to a really nice spa in Savannah and had pedicures, facials, and massages. Not a bad way to spend a Saturday. We also went walking around a lake and along the beach and through their neighborhood. All-in-all, a very relaxing weekend!

This is my last week of the second trimester! It has gone by really quickly. I'm starting to get a lot more tired again, but I managed to make it through today without a nap, so who knows. Hopefully by the time baby and I get back to Arlington, Paul will have finished painting her room and the wood for the floors will be in. We're heading to Seattle to see Nonni and Grumps (aka my parents) on Thursday, so we're running out of weekends before the little one arrives!

Paul here- Did Jacy grow 6 inches taller during pregnancy, or did Shonna shrink? Just kidding. I heard that Jacy was "lifting" for that picture :)

Well, the room is basically painted. Stripes are in, but due to some stray paint and torn tape, some touch-up is in order. Oh yes, apparently I have to reduce the size of one of the darker stripes. All stripes are 8 inches wide except for a 9.5 inch gap between the wall and a large window. I figured painting the whole thing dark as opposed to 8" dark and 1.5" white would be easier (even Shonna agreed and gave the idea her blessing:). Well that lasted about as long it took the paint to dry... if that! So its back to the ol measure-level-laser-tape-paint technique. As you know, no matter what, women are usually right... but pregnant women are ALWAYS right :)

Concerning the baby room, I better pick up the pace. Still need to take carpet out, and install hardwood (not to mention fix up the closet and bathroom). In the meantime, our first floor office is being overrun by baby gifts. It is an issue with space, but not a bad problem to have when you are receiving gifts (sorry no smiley face added here. I have a limit of 3 max per post.)

Saturday, July 18, 2009

July 19th, 2009: 24 weeks

First... Happy Birthday, Mom (Nonni)!!

Today is 24 weeks and I'm feeling pretty pregnant. Last week I had my first episode of stranger danger (a sweet woman in the bathroom offered to let me go in front of her in line and then rubbed my belly) and this week I think I had my first encounter with heart burn. Good times all around!

Ginny kindly sent us baby photos of Paul and Trish, which we looked through today. I wanted to see pictures of Paul as a newborn so that we'd have something to judge who she looks like more once she is born. The picture above seemed to be the youngest picture she had of Paul.

Paul finally got his blood tested and found out he is O+. It's good to know, but unfrtunately I will still have to get the shots since I'm rh negative. Boo! I hate needles...

I'll be traveling for the rest of the month (Baltimore, Georgia, and North Carolina). Only 5 days until we find out the sex of Jacy's baby!

I will probably be waddling the next time Paul sees me!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

July 9th, 2009: 6 month (a little early) check up

We went back to VHC today for our monthly check up. This time, we saw Dr. Masel ( for the first time and I REALLY liked her. She looks very young, but she was probably the most patient-centered of the group. She was very knowledgable and took a lot of time to answer our questions. So far, we'd be comfortable with any of the doctors in the group deliverng the baby, but partcularly like Drs. Crowther, Rossi, and Masel, each for a different reason.

Everything looks very good with the baby. All of the numbers are great. Paul and I started feeling her move and kick on the outside of my stomach for the first time this week. Dr. Masel felt her as well when she was listening to her heart beat and warned us that we're probably going to be very busy parents since we're able to feel her this early and she is so active. No surprise there!

We got a list of recommended pediatricians and doulas and some stretches to help with my sciatica. I've gained more weight more quickly than I'd like, but the doctors are definitely not concerned and say I'm on track (how can 7 lbs in one month be on track?! at that rate, with 4 more months to go... sigh).

When the doctor asked about my interest in a doula, I mentioned my fear of the epidural. She reassured us that the anesthesia team at VHC is excellent, but also said that I can meet with them in advance to talk through any of my concerns and be examined to make sure there isn't anything that would impede their ability to give me anesthesia. We'll see... at this point I may see how far I can make it without, but the doctor seemed to be a fan of having it as an option.

We're also starting to do some research on the great vaccine debate. I got the book by Sears in the mail this week and am joining the UMN alumni association so that I have access to the medical journals. Too much to learn and not enough time to do it! Hard to imagine that the third trimester is just around the corner.

6 Months "a little early"? Funny girl... As most of you know, Shonna always likes to stay ahead of the curve. We've had 3 sonograms in the first 20 weeks when most people only have 2, so naturally our 6 month checkup happened at 5 months. Shonna will probably have her first contraction in a few weeks. Her weight??? Shonna didn't gain a pound for the first 3 months!

Sooooo as far as the baby room is concerned, 2 layers of primer down but no color yet. The room should be painted by this weekend and the wood floor will be ordered by Thursday 7/16 or Friday. I can only hold off Great Beginnings for so long. They have had the baby furniture ready to ship for 3 weeks and counting. Have I offered beer to anyone who would like to help??? Beer anyone?

Sunday, July 5, 2009

July 5th, 2009: 22 Weeks

Happy belated independence day! We spent the day driving back from Newport, New York where we went to see Simon, Toby, and their two children. Their youngest, Luke, is 6 months old. It was good to be around a baby for a few days and pick up some tips! We have a lot to learn...

Today Paul is starting on the paint in the nursery. First step: primer. We're going to try to start on the stripes before our friends Jamie and Adam get into town next week. The weekends just never seem long enough to get it all done!

This week we have our (early) 6 month appointment on Thursday morning. We'll be meeting with the midwife in our practice. We have a list of questions to ask this time!

One more piece of news... Jacy is finding out the sex of their baby on July 24th. The stars have aligned with work travel and some other things, so the baby and I will be flying down to Savannah on the 23rd to go to the sonogram with Jacy and Joel! I can't wait to find out whether our daughter's best friend will be a boy or a girl!

On behalf of the PC police, I would like to modify Shonna's last statement to read "one of our daughter's best friends...:)