Friday, May 27, 2011

Play, Play, and More Play

Wow did we do A TON this week! Ringling Brothers front row VIP seats followed by a day at Port Discovery in Baltimore, a kids play house in Bethesda, and our local Glebe Elementary playground.... and crabs for a surprise HumRRO birthday party. Phew. The 2nd weekend in April (I believe, Shonna can correct) we went to Baltimore (Seasides in Pasadena) for crabs Friday night after work. Went home and went BACK to Baltimore on Saturday for the circus. Shonna bought special secret tickets and wouldn't you know it, they were front row VIP seats! What makes a VIP seat? The ability to go onto the actual circus floor during part of the show. We enjoyed it, but I'm not so much Scarlett did. If it wasn't for the midg... little person who fascinated her, we might have had to leave the floor. But he was there :) Not only was Scarlett fascinated, but so were her parents. This little guy was more athletic than most people twice his size. I wish we had video to show his skills. Overall, Scarlett had a really good time.

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