Friday, May 27, 2011

Easter, Nana, and Gigi (Flossy)!

Scarlett had Easter at 3 houses this year, but looks like we only have pictures for two of them. I know there are pictures from Aunt Tracy's house somewhere! Anyway, we had a very busy weekend. We started at our house and had a mini Easter appetizer, but then headed up to Baltimore for the main course, and finished with dessert at Aunt Tracy's. Scarlett was able to hunt for her first Easter eggs and it was great to watch. It was like a practice run for future hunts. We guided her along and pointed her in the right direction. Late morning, we went to the Baltimore "BonanZoo" and Scarlett had her first encounter with the Easter Bunny. Did it go smoothly? Not really! Who wouldn't be startled by an overgrown furry rodent with a big head. Anyone remember the menacing ROUS's? Imagine that from the eyes of a 17 month old! Things did get better. We danced with the one man kids band, collected plastic eggs and turned them in for prizes, and took what we thought was a safari ride, but it really just took us down the road for about a thousand feet. We didn't stay too long. It started raining, but at least we were able to ride most of it out under a tent while the singer entertained us.

Afterwards, we went to the Harbor for lunch and walked to the Science Center, This was a good and bad idea. It was great because there was so much for Scarlett to do, but bad in terms of logistics for a great-grandmother who is extremely active but still 93 years old! We walked quite a bit throughout the day, and gigi was feeling it. Luckily the Science Center had wheelchairs available and she was able to rest. There were dozens of places for Scarlett to play, and we were all entertained throughout. I did have to make an unscheduled trip to CVS however. We did not bring enough diapers and Scarlett was filling up! As I left the building, I noticed a couple carrying a baby slightly smaller than Scarlett. I actually walked up to them and asked if I could bum a diaper! Unfortunately they were too small for her. We all had a laugh because most people around there beg for change... First, I ran into a 7-11 thinking I could take care of this quickly. Nope. Then went to a neighborhood convenience store. Nope again. Finally a CVS. As I was briskly walking back I received a phone call. She is blowing out!!! I sprinted the rest of the way and we finally took care of the issue.

Did Scarlett sleep at all this day? If I recall she did for 20-30 minutes.

Easter egg hunt at Aunt Tracy's- Tracy, with help from the Easter Bunny, had eggs and candy EVERYWHERE! Front yard, back yard, candy in the middle, drinks, food, adult beverages... Scarlett made out like a bandit. There were real eggs, plastic eggs filled with various goodies including CASH! Mommy and Daddy were trying to get in on that one!!! Scarlett consumed plenty of candy and food that day.

What a wild, busy, fun-filled Easter weekend.

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