Friday, May 27, 2011

Mommy @ SIOP

Daddy and I had a good week even though mommy was gone. Did you see the Caps jersey? If you say C - A - P - S I will say CAPS CAPS CAPS!!! Yes, I'm only 16 months old, but I am mature for my age, and I love the CAPS!!!

That was the end of the week, but as you can see, I love to sleep. I love to sleep in my bed, in daddy's bed, and at the playground. I sleep 8 to 12 hours a day although I hate the act of falling asleep. Mommy and Daddy spend a lot of time trying to get me to sleep. Once I am there, I am staying there!

I am a goof ball. Did you see me ride Axle? If you think that is funny, check out the picture where I placed a potato under the elephant's butt. Does it look like Doodie? HAHAHHAAHAA.

Well it is up to you to decide which picture is the funniest or cutest. It will be tough this week! I was soooooo cute and funny :)

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