Friday, May 27, 2011

New Play Area/Mommy in NY

It will definitely be a challenge remembering exactly what happened over the past 4+ months, but at least we have pictures... and aren't they supposed to speak a thousand words??? This was the week we turned Scarlett's old gated play area into an "organized" open space. See how well she kept it together? Nice orderly toys, then an explosion must have hit that exact spot and blew toys all over the living room. I left here alone for a few minutes and that's what I get! Scarlett has always been pretty good at picking up after herself when we ask her, so it wasn't as bad as it looked (to clean up that is).

This was the week that Shonna was in New York for work so Scarlett and I ventured out to a new playground near the Harrison Street shopping center. I'm surprised that I only have these two pictures because the place is huge. It's like 2 large playgrounds in one. One of the photos shows her playing with a boy in the sand area (although I'm not sure if he knew :) This playground had slides for all ages. She started with the big kid slides because she is a thrill seeker, but had much more fun with the shorter slides, sand, and big tonka trucks. She seems to gravitate towards "boy" toys like trucks, cars, balls, and blocks. I'm not saying she doesn't like her share of stereotypical girl toys but she would rather throw or dunk a ball than play with her many of her Home Ec style toys. That's my girl!!! (correction- apparently the PC police have now named home economics "family and consumer sciences".)

This week we also went to a Caps game with her uncle Dave. She was his "wing-baby". Scarlett and I met Dave at a bar outside of Verizon Center for an appetizer and drink. We sat at a normal table, but this place has booths with their own personal beer taps. Apparently you can choose the taps you would like ahead of time, and somehow (computerized or other) they switch the lines giving customized beer choices. Pretty cool stuff. I'm sure if Scarlett reads this (and when she is of legal drinking age), this technology will be "like sooooo 2000 teens, dad".

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